The picture shown here is a screen taken from Outlook 2013, but these options and directions will apply to Outlook 2007-2010, the menu may just look a bit different.

Sometimes emails will be marked as junk and put into the junk folder without you being notified.

If you notice this happening there is a way to unblock that sender and have any future emails from them go straight to the inbox, here's how:

Find the email that got reported as junk and right click it.

Near the bottom of the tab that just popped up is an option called 'Junk'.

Hover over the 'Junk' option and you'll see another tab pop out.

There are three options to choose from to get an email to not get sent to the junk folder:
  • Never Block Sender - This unblocks that person's individual email address. So any mail from that address will not be junk.
  • Never Block Sender's Domain - This unblocks that persons domain. For clarification, that is anything that comes after the @ symbol in an email address. This is useful for if you want to unblock an organizations email if they will be coming from different addresses.
  • Never Block the Group or Mailing List - This will unblock emails that are sent to a mass of recipients. Say if you are subscribed to a mailing list and these emails are being junks. his is most likely because of the Mass Mailing filter built into Outlook. Many spammers take advantage of mass mailing lists to hit you and your organization with spam. However, if an email you do want to receive gets junked that is a mass email, use this option to unblock it and have them go to your inbox in the future.